I am getting a “No data – Acquisition Stopped” Error

This error appears when data streaming is interrupted or stopped for a duration of 10-20 seconds. To determine the possible root cause, we recommend checking the following items for troubleshooting — proceed to the next step if the error message persists:

1. Check the battery life remaining on your B-Alert headset.
» On B-Alert Live, click Acquisition
» Uncheck all Brain State Settings, leave the rest on default
» Switch to the Raw Signals tab on the GUI window.
» The battery indicator located at the top-right should be displayed with at least 1-2 green bars remaining.

2. Double-check if your computer has the compatible driver with the B-Alert Bluetooth Dongle/ESU device (instructions)

3. Check for possible sources of Bluetooth interference.
» Any wireless electronics that operate at 2.4 or 5 GHz range
» Highly reflective/absorbing physical barriers between the headset and the Dongle/ESU (i.e. metallic, concrete walls)
» We recommend to keep the headset within 10 meters of the bluetooth dongle/ESU

4. Update your version of B-Alert Live to the latest release.
» Back-up your data located at: C:\ABM\Data
» Follow the instructions for software installation (instructions)

If none of the above resolved your issue, contact us so a support representative can help troubleshoot your issue!