How do I set-up the B-Alert MATLAB SDK?

To set-up the B-Alert MATLAB SDK:

1. Ensure that you are working with a 32-bit version of MATLAB.

2. Ensure that your computer has a MATLAB-compatible C++ compiler. For a list of available compilers, visit

3. Copy the .dll files from the ABM bin folder (located at C:\ABM\B-Alert\SDK\bin) to the MATLAB SDK folder (C:\ABM\B-Alert\SDK\SampleClients\TestSDKMatlab)

4. On MATLAB, set the current directory as C:\ABM\B-Alert\SDK\SampleClients\TestSDKMatlab from step 3. If done correctly, the file explorer should display the files found at the TestSDKMatlab.

5. Enter mex-setup in the command window to initiate compiler set-up. A prompt will ask to allow mex to locate installed compilers — Type y and press enter.

6. A list of the available compilers will be shown. Pick an appropriate C++ compiler. (i.e. the example shown below picked [2] Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express). Verify your choice – type y and press enter.

7. Enter mex abmsdk.cpp in the command window.

8. Enter mex -v -g abmsdk. If loaded successfully, the message below should appear.