Quick Start

System Setup

Preparing the setup for the selected X Series system headset
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Software Quick Start

Download the latest version of the B-Alert Software

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Overview of B-Alert Live Commands

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Performing an Impedance Test

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Data Acquisition and Metric Benchmark Testing

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Data Outputs Overview

Raw EEG and other output data are automatically stored by the software at:
where xxxx = Subject # , and y = Group #

Gathering the Data Output Files

EEG raw data will be automatically saved in two file formats: Extensible biosignal(*.ebs) and European Data Format (*.edf), with the latter as a compatible format with most third-party EDF-file viewers. Other data generated by the B-Alert software are listed below:

Toggle Summary Table

File Name Suffix Description
*.Decon.edf Decontaminated data from the Signals.Raw.edf file
*_Events.edf Compatible third party events data generated by the External Syncing Unit in EDF+ annotation.
*.Impedance.Results.csv A log containing the recorded impedances for each channel when performing Check Impedance
*.Ref_Raw.csv Absolute Power Spectral Density (1-40Hz), Relative PSD (1-40Hz), and EEG Frequency Bands
*.Ref_Class.csv Absolute Power Spectral Density (1-40Hz), Relative PSD (1-40Hz), and EEG Frequency Bands with Kaiser Windowing applied
*.HR_beat.csv Heart Rate Data, based on interbeat interval
*HR_epoch.csv Heart Rate Data, based on second-by-second interval
*.Classification.csv Output probabilities based on the ABM Cognitive State and Workload metrics
*.Diff_Raw.csv PSD Data and EEG Frequency Bands for differential channels
*.Diff_Class.csv PSD Data and EEG Frequency Bands for differential channels with Kaiser Windowing
*.ZScore.csv Z-Score values per epoch mean and SD, for the ABM Cognitive State and Workload metrics’ probabilities.
*ZScore_psd.csv Z-Score values for PSD on specified channels
*.thirdparty.bin Third-party packets sent to External Syncing Unit
*.Actigraphy.bin Raw output values from embedded headset accelerometer
*.Artifact.csv Detected artifacts at specified channels with start and end epoch markers, and predicted artifact type

For data processing techniques and integrations, read the Overview to Data Integrations article here, or check out our public repositories at GitHub (coming soon!).

Methodology & Techniques

For details on the methods & techniques used to generate the B-Alert software data, see Appendix A: Data Outputs Guide Overview on the B-Alert Live User Manual, available at the Downloads Page.

Basic Troubleshooting

Something about basic troubleshooting goes here
overview of the data output files from the B-Alert software, basic troubleshooting, overview of available resources for the system, and technology integrations (i.e. MATLAB, EEGLAB, E-Prime, etc.)